About Backwood Goods

The nitty gritty

My goal is to provide as many natural alternatives for your health and beauty supplies as possible. 

All of my soaps and other products are carefully hand-crafted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. I leave all of the soaps in their raw, untidy form because I believe that they are perfect with all their imperfections.

Many of my products utilize aromatherapy to target specific needs. The herbs and oils I use are gentle enough that you can benefit from them for their therapeutic properties, or just for pure enjoyment. Know that either way; you are doing your body and the environment a favor by going all-natural (this is where you pat yourself on the back for being environmentally responsible)!

The beauty of our natural world will not endure if we do not help conserve and protect it. Purchasing all natural products (in general, not just from my site) is just one more small step we can take as individuals to help protect Mother Nature.


How it all started

This small, home-based business blossomed from a chain of random (or were they?!) events which started in 2003. I was a college student, and my roommate came home one day with a basic soap recipe written on a single piece of paper. She asked, “Wanna try and make soap”? That was the sentence that started it all! 

We shared that first batch with a few friends, and the soap turned out to be popular with everyone who tried it. Being the poor college kid I was, I decided that making soap was so much fun that I would make a few bars for Christmas gifts. Some people loved it, and some gave me the, ”oh…thanks” response. Over the next few years, I played around with a few different essential oils and created a handful of soap recipes and a passion for crafting soap.  

2011 was the year I began the business. It all started when my sister-in-law was at a festival looking for some artisan soaps, but none of the vendors had what she was looking for. She said to me, “I just wanted a few bars of hand-made soap, nobody is selling them. You should sell yours!” Within minutes we came up with a handful of business names. Trying not to be too generic, we settled on Backwood Goods since my love of nature and simplicity came from growing up in the boonies.  

When I returned home from the festival I sent an inquiry to the local farmers market here in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania about reserving a table. My first experience vending was both exciting and terrifying; after all, I had no idea what I was doing! My fellow vendors shared tips on everything from how not to have my canopy topple over (which happened a lot that first day) to how to ‘pretty up’ my display. Without these folks I would have never had the gumption to continue. 

I started out with just handmade soaps at my table. Since it takes 3-4 weeks for soap to cure (and I did not plan that far ahead) I quickly realized that if I wanted to have items to sell on my table for the following months, I needed to expand my product list. I started to dabble around with lip balm recipes and the other products you see on the website today.

After a few years at the market, I tried my hand at craft shows, which turned out to be very fruitful! With all the help and encouragement I received from friends, family, and kind strangers, I am here today establishing something bigger than a small town vendor status.